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Un-plastered reinforced concrete school building Two span steel trusses with a total length of 72 m in warehouse building Temporary retaining system of the excavation with a total depth of 10 m Retaining system of the excavation under-the-water-table Strengthening of the bearing structure Assesment of the bearing capacity of the roof trusses and calculation of the vertical loads of the bearing masonry Temporary retaining system of the excavation in sandy soil Steel industrial building with composite slabs Retaining system of torrent slopes with a total length of 130 m Un-plastered concrete school building

New Constructions

Our office has been a consultant to many prominent Greek Architects and has designed buildings of high standards with respect to aesthetics and functionality, also buildings with great diversity with respect to their use: Private houses, blocks of flats and/or offices, shops, schools, museums, industrial buildings, warehouses, parking blocks etc.

In every structural design project that we are assigned, we make every possible effort to fulfill the obvious requirements of safety, serviceability and economy, and, beyond that, every endeavour is made to fulfill the specific requirements of each architectural work, equally for reinforced concrete and steel buildings. We have designed buildings with large spans, flat roofs, space frames, un-plastered concrete buildings etc.



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