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Un-plastered reinforced concrete school building Two span steel trusses with a total length of 72 m in warehouse building Temporary retaining system of the excavation with a total depth of 10 m Retaining system of the excavation under-the-water-table Strengthening of the bearing structure Assesment of the bearing capacity of the roof trusses and calculation of the vertical loads of the bearing masonry Temporary retaining system of the excavation in sandy soil Steel industrial building with composite slabs Retaining system of torrent slopes with a total length of 130 m Un-plastered concrete school building


External experts, mainly members of the Academic Staff, contribute as consultants in special subjects/topics:

Reinforced concrete, Anchors, Bearing Masonry:
Professor Elisabeth Vintzileou, NTUA

Geotechnics and Retaining Structures:
Ass. Professor Michael Kavvadas, NTUA

Timber structures:
Lecturer Eleftheria Tsakanika, NTUA



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